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Boiled eggs

ketogenic diet - boiled eggs

Boiled eggs

Eggs, water, salt


Pour enough water in a smaller pot so that all the eggs you will boil can be submerged in it. To prepare hard-boiled eggs the eggs are placed in the water already when it is still cold. Than the water is heated up together with the eggs, and when it starts to boil, the heat is reduced to a simmer and the eggs are cooked for about 10 minutes. If one would like to prepare soft-boiled eggs, one should first heat up water to the boiling point and than add the eggs. In this case, the eggs should be cooked between four and six minutes. After they are done, they are ready to be peeled and salted if desired.


Nutritional information (per 100 grams):

Eggs - kcal 167 - carbohydrates 1 - protein 13 - fat 11

Total carbs (per 100 grams of the described meal): ~1 gram


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